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Been looking all over the Internet for cue sheets or maps detailing bike routes to Montclair in Essex County, from Brooklyn. Routes involving PATH are okay, though I'd rather ride all the way. Anybody know where to find this info? (if not online, then a book I could easily get)

Thanks in advance...

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

Try contacting Maggie Clarke. She occasionally leads rides there.

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hannah (not verified)
here's a route

I took the PATH to Newark, rode to Branch Brook Park, and then followed this cue sheet to Montclair this past spring, during cherry blossom season:

It was a lovely ride.

For a route via the GWB to Newark see I can't remember which route I used from there a different time, but it was a perfectly fine ride through Hackensack to Newark.

Piece these two together and voila, a route to Montclair.


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