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Interested in saving some money on cycling supplies, clothes, etc?

Performance Bicycles

is having some good sales. And if you join the Performance Team for $20.00, you get 10% credited to your next purchase and a free upgrade to 2 day shipping. So, if you spend $200.00, you have $20.00 credited to your next purchase and have in effect paid for the Team membership.

And this coupon code:

code: 6000386
expires: Dec 31st, 2004

will save you an added 20%. I have used it twice already! I do not think it is good for frames.

I bought a pair of Carnac Matrix shoes for $175.99 on sale and with the code; list is $279.99. And, $17.60 is credited to my next purchase.

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Clavicle (not verified)

Thanks for the tip! I'll shake your hand on the next ride!

Well... maybe not.

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JP (not verified)

Hmmm ... clavicle.

Any way, definitely not! Buy some bike gear.

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Cat (not verified)
performance anxiety

Anybody besides me had a problem accessing their site? I was trying to get onto a month or so ago and failed; my roommate reported the same. Now, with an entirely new computer and different browser, i still can't access the site.

What's up with that?

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JP (not verified)
Crazy weekend

I just cut and pasted the link I provided and was at the site pronto. So it works.

Maybe the site is inundated because of the sale and coupon.

Also, and PLEASE NOTE, this weekend only, 8/7 – 8/8, Team members get 20% credited to the next purchase, not just 10%. It’s double the points.

So try again on Sat/Sun.

Or, call 800 727 2433. Join the Team. To buy, you need their item #s, but maybe they can help.

The Team has a separate # 800 800 8847.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
alternative URL
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Cat (not verified)
no performance tonight

no, that doesn't seem to work either. I have never had this much trouble with a major site. has anyone else had a problem accessing the site, or is it just my apartment?

makes me go hmmm.

(thanks anyway, Evan!)

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Evan Marks (not verified)

"Did you try googling ""performance bicycle"" and clicking the link?"

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don montalvo (not verified)
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hannah (not verified)

I finally ordered those Shimano sandals I've been eyeing ever since the Bloomin' Metric!


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Julio (not verified)
Thanks for the Code.

The nice thing about that code is that you get the 20% off the current order, so you get the instant savings, instead of having to come back later to redeem points.

Now the big question is… If team members shop this double-points weekend and use the coupon code, do we get both the discount and the points?

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Julio (not verified)
Double Bonus

Hey JP, I wan to thank you for the heads up about the coupon code and double points weekend. I made out like a bandit.

Not only did the code you posted give me an instant 20% off my order, I also got the double points this past weekend good for another 20% in team points.

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Eto.A. Nshrdlu (not verified)
Pack up your ad copy in your old kit bag and shill, shill, shill

">>Not only did the code you posted give me an instant 20% off my order, I also got the double points this past weekend good for another 20% in team points.<<

Holy St. Milovan! This is beginning to sound remarkably like advertising copy. With due respects to JP, whose well-intentioned posting started this whole thing, there's a fine line between tipping fellow club members off to a sale, and hyping the living bottom bracket grease out of it. I think that line has been crossed.

Only commenting.

""The town crier does not work for free,"" as we say in Montenegro.

Your Pal,

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