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I've noticed the tread on my Conti Grand Prix 3000's (700 x 23) are just about gone (back is obviously worse than the front). No holes or fibers or anything like that, just treadwear. I've got 1,000 miles on them. They've been bullet proof (not one flat in 1,000 miles) and I always keep them inflated to rated max (120psi).

I guess I should also point out that I'm not exactly a mountain goat (195 lbs).

My question is this: Given the sometimes deplorable roads we have to ride on here in NYC, how many miles should I expect to get out of a set of tires?



P.S. Does one rotate bike tires like you do car tires?

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Fixer (not verified)
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"1. Don't rotate tires. Keep your best tire up front; rear flats are a hassle, front flats can be lethal.

2. I don't think there are any ""reasonable expectations"" reagrding tire life. Too many variables, sometimes you get lucky, sometimes not. Although it's reasonable to expect that, on average, heavier (thicker rubber) tires will outlast lighter (faster) tires.

3. Conti's are bulletproof? My Sig Sauer would beg to differ..."

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Peter Storey (not verified)
"One-way ""rotation"" is OK"

As Fixer says, keep the good one on the front. I've ridden out a rear flat at 40 mph, but a front flat will dump you at far lesser speeds.

So when the rear wears out, throw it away, move the front to the rear and put the new one on the front.

Peter Storey

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someone (not verified)
Enjoy your flat today.

Never, ever say you haven't had a flat.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Conti GPs

At 195lbs, you'll probably get longer tread life from a 25mm or even 28mm tire, not to mention a more comfy ride.

I have weigh 180 and have ~1600mi on a Conti GP 4-season (25mm) rear tire, and it easily has another few hundred miles left before replacement. By contrast, I never got more than 1400-1500miles from Michelins, Vittorias, Vredesteins, or Paribas. Front tires, of course, don't really wear to any significant degree (try weighing one before and after riding 5000miles if you don't believe it) although they do get cuts and bruises and UV damage the same as the rears.

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Dave Bauhs (not verified)

I'm also 195. I regularly get 5K+ out of Continental Ultra Gatorskins in 700x28. They are very, very flat resistant.

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