Saturday Aug. 7 Rye Beach Bums (B17)

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Here is some info on the Rye Beach ride this Saturday. We will have lunch at Seaside Johnnies - (menu at There was some false advertising in the weekly email - we are actually going to Oakland Beach in Rye not Rye Beach and it's $6 not $3.25. Things to consider bringing: bathing suit, towel, plastic bag for carrying wet suit & towel, sunblock. After swimming and beaching, we will either take the train from Harrison or ride to the city, depending on our energy levels. If we take the train, we’ll provide cue sheets for those who want to ride back.

p.s. - this is NOT the nude beach ride mentioned recently on the board. Any nude sunbathing will be grounds for dismissal from the ride.

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Michael (not verified)
How about Nude Riding

If there is no nude sunbathing, what about nude riding?? would that be grounds for dismissal from the beach part of the ride?

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)

If your shorts are a bit thread-bare, is that considered nude riding or sunbathing? Wearing speedos ok, too?

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Wayne Wright (not verified)
Helmets Please

If anyone chooses to do the ride in the nude, please do NOT ask us for interpretation of our 'Helmets Please' request ...

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