Car Endo?

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I rushed to join the Wed A-ride out of the boathouse this morning. In my haste I left my sunscreen and gloves at home. Great, maybe I’ll get rid of the stupid dot on the back of my hands.

It was a large group on a hot summer day. Nothing really unusual until we got on 505 going north. I hit a pea size bump, and a water bottle gets launched. A nice fella in Zebra skin picks it up and we chased back on the group.

It was then the speed picked up. I was towards the tail when the group splits. I waited a bit and decide to bridge the gap. That is when I got a flat and peeled off the road to discover a gash from a sliver of metal that cut into the tire. I waved the second group to go on because I thought it was just a flat and even I can find my way to Nyack.

After I got back on the bike and 505, I come upon the scene of an accident less than 1/2 mile from where I had the flat. A four door sedan was on its’ side in the north bound lane, and fire trucks and ambulances were everywhere. Did it happen after you guys (A-ride) passed? How does one flip a car on 505 where nobody is doing more than 40 mph?

I decided to truncate the loop at Northvale. I rolled into Bicycle Workshop (best bike shop in nyc) in Tenafly to top off the tire when I discovered the gash had caused the now fully inflated tube to go limp. Time for a new tire!

Fortunately, they had the Fortessa Tri-comps I wanted, unfortunately they only had the blue ones.

So now my bike sports a black front and a funky blue rear tire, but I'm now safe in my office.

Wish me luck on the way home.

I have to do the Wednesday rides more often.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Just ask Ralph Nader

He's the expert of low-speed rollovers...

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Yogi (not verified)
Talk about time on his hands.

I like a lot of his ideas, but didn’t he mention he wanted to take up cycling also?

It was very funny this week when Bill Maher (on his HBO show) and Michael Moore got on their knees to beg RN not to run in November.

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

Ah, Yogi, unless you change that tire configuration, we'll know who you are.

Yes, that accident was there when we rode up. It caused a slight detour in our route. I also wondered how a car flips over on a local street. Wait, it was an SUV. Don't they have a reputation for easily flipping?

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wheel man (not verified)

You can easily roll an SUV at 20mph if you turn hard enough.
Cars are slightly harder to roll, but if you put a wheel off the road and turn back hard, you better be lucky.

If you want to see the formulas

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Yogi (not verified)

Yes, I only saw the bottom of the vehicle and thought it was a big car. Was glad not to see any 700x23c’s sticking out from underneath.

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