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Yes, it's true!
I will pay any club member $170,850.00 (Zimbabwe), or its American equivalent at the prevailing auction rate, if they will front the $32.00 US for the Club boat ride around Manhattan next week for me.
Given that it takes six to seven (6-7) weeks just for a poscard to arrive in the states from here I am assured that my check will not get there in time.
I'll be back in New York on Thursday (12th) and would really appreciate the opportunity to see all you great folks before I have to return Saturday to Pittsburgh to resume my grad studies.
So, if you are willing, please let me know on board or off. (what a trust exercise to find out who your friends really
Hope that yins are having a great summer on the road.
ride easy and ride safe.
Bill Strachan
[email protected]

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
boat ride

bill, i'll take care of it for you.

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bill strachan (not verified)
Mazvita Hal!

Mazvita (thanks) Hal!
The auction rate just popped from US$1:5,339 Z to US$1:6,300 Z in the latest Zimbabwe Federal Reserve Bank auction. Boy they could really use Alan Greenspan here: no irrational exuberance, just irrational....
Looking forward to next week.
ride easy and ride safe.
me ;-)
[email protected]

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