I've Got a Hard Bike Travel Case.....Now How to I Fit it in?

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I'm going on an airplane trip soon. I've procured a standard hard travel case (similar to tricosports, etc.).

Are there any standard rules on how to pack the thing?

I've taken off pedals, rear derailleur, seat post, qr skewers, handlebars. Now I can barely get everything in with just the top and bottom foam layers, and I can't even imagine squeezing the proper middle foam layer in between the frame and wheels as it seems meant for that.

Especially the handlebars, they kinda stick up alot, taking space for the wheels. I wouldn't want to take the chance that the frame breaks so I might leave that middle layer of foam out or substitute with newspaper.

Does anybody have experience with packing this sort of thing and can offer some advice?



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Frank (not verified)
Packing the Bike

Ron: I have a similar case and to end all confusion, I took a digital photo of the main components packed that I refer to each time I travel. If you would like a copy, I'd be happy to email the .jpg to you. My frame is 56 cm. If you email me upon receiving the photo, I'd be glad to walk you through the rest of the packing process by phone.

Frank Grazioli

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Ronald (not verified)
Packing the Bike - Photos

Thanks for the offer Frank, speak to you soon.


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