Does anyone have experience with Chelsea Bicycles, 156 W 26th?

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  • Does anyone have experience with Chelsea Bicycles, 156 W 26th?
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This bike shop is one of only two dealers in the Metro area of a bike that I'm interested in buying (other is R & A in Brooklyn). I don't know anything about this shop. Any info would be helpful!

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Rob (not verified)
Chelsea Bicycles

Jeanine -

I bought my last bike from Chelsea Bicycles - they are AMAZING. I've never received so much attention from a LBS, free fit kit, etc. I told them what type of bike I was interested in, and they modified a Bianchi Boardwalk to fulfill my need for a cyclocross bike.

Rafael - the owner - is great. With all the modifications I made, he bought back the parts and charged me the difference. All of the bikes come with his 3 year warranty.

I love my bike - and am happy that I've finally found a good LBS. I am due to get yet another Bianchi from them later this season.

I recommend them 100% hands down.

Good luck.

- Rob

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Jeanine (not verified)
Chelsea Bicycles

Thanks! That's great news.

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Bryan McCay (not verified)
Chelsea Bikes

I've had them work on two different bikes of mine there and they did a fine job and were reasonable in price. The owner is a nice guy, rides his bike to work from Brooklyn all year long. Sorry I don't have his card at home and I've forgotten his name, I'll tell you on Monday. Here is their web address.
Mayor Bloomberg bought his Mountain bike there. He told me once that he gives a discount to NYCC club members, but I haven't seen his shop listed with NYCC. Doesn't hurt to ask!

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Terry Hildebrandt (not verified)

I've lived in the neighborhood since they openned, first on 7th Ave, and have always loved their helpful service. As has been recommend numerous times on the message board,I've gone through the process of establishing a working relationship with this shop-and it pays off- even when I'm impatient,like now waiting for the delivery of a bike.

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