call C.P. precinct at 212 570 4820 if cars in park after 7PM

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As of 7:40 PM today (Thursday) cars were still rolling into the park at the 6th Ave entrance. Cars are not supposed to enter the park after 7PM.

I biked up to the 86th Street precinct to complain about this. The cop at the desk said to call the Central Park Precinct at 212 570 4820 if cars we entering the park after 7PM. They will send someone out to close that gate.

The cop seemed indifferent to this issue, and cynically said that if I see any barriers blocking cars from entering the park before 7PM that I 'should exercise my right as a citizen and also promptly contact the precinct'.

I suggest everyone who uses the park after 7PM to contact the precinct 'promptly' at 7PM if cars are still entering the park (bring your cell phone with you; I'll have the number as a speed dial). However, given the cop's attitude, I'm afraid the precinct's negligence will continue indefinitely. Does any have any suggetions on how to deal with this?

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don montalvo (not verified)
this should go into the f.a.q. (nm)
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hannah (not verified)

If the gate is open after 7:00, go ahead and call, but also close the gate. I've closed gates plenty of times and gotten nothing but thanks from the folks nearby for doing so.


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tony (not verified)
getting worst

I think things are getting worst in central park . Cars are in the park after 7pm on almost every weeknight . Last night was the worst I have ever seen it. Just in one night I saw a woman almost get hit by a taxi, I think one person got hit , and also one car got into the joggers lane and was backing up. This all after 7pm. The police have a job to do and they get paid to do it with our tax money when it comes to Central Park they are not doing their job

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Glenn (not verified)
Good Ol' Grassroots Action

Please let me know if you got the desk sergeant's name and badge number.

I'll write a letter to the mayor myself, and I'll send a copy to the Police Commissioner, the CP Precinct Lieutenant, and Transportation Alternatives. I suggest everyone do the same - call me naive and idealistic, but I'd like to believe there's strength in numbers.

(I can't ride for a few weeks due to injury, so I've got a little spare time and indignation on my hands.)

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xxx (not verified)

Sure, you can do all that, just don't come back here on the message board crying that you got a ticket for riding on the sidewalk through Columbus Circle, or for going through a red light at 90th and the East Drive.

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Glenn (not verified)

... you must be injured too. you're almost as much of a crank as I am. It's good to know, however, that we've got someone out there (albeit a masked stranger - how do you do that thing with the x's?), keeping us honest, policing our double standards. No irony intended.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Strength in numbers

It may be ideal, but hardly naive, to believe that ordinary people acting in their own interests can make a difference.

The NYCC is a very large club, and I agree with you that we could exert some collective influence if we could mobilize our numbers. (Just look what it's done for the Road Runners.)

I don't know how to accomplish this, but if we start thinking about it we will come up with ideas. One of my own would be to establish a liaison with the NYPD and the mayor's office to communicate our concerns, beginning with small issues like closing the gates in the park. (And how's about getting the runners out of the bike lane in the south loop--hehe!)

The club also has many experienced activist members who might be willing to share their experience, even if they can't take on another project.

I thought the safety committee was a good idea and could have evolved along these lines, though it ran into some obstacles. Hopefully such obstacles can be worked out, when the time is right.

School and work prevent me from making much of a commitment, but I am willing to get involved in something like this to the extent that I can.

BTW, I don't think TA is going to be much help at the present--they've just hired a new director. While one hopes this rather complacent organization becomes more activist itself, I don't see it happening very fast.

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Bryan McCay (not verified)
Central Park

I've had the same experience, the Livery's and Taxi's know better and should be ticketed first.
I think NYCC should draft a letter to the Mayor's office and let them know how dangerous it is.

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richard rosenthal (not verified)
At the risk of being self-promoting...
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Glenn (not verified)
I saw it

I read the whole thing last week before I noticed the author's name. Excellent piece!! I only wish it could reach a wider audience.

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