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I am planning a ride with two friends in mid-August. Ideally, I was thinking of taking a train or renting a car to go upstate.

Does anyone have any suggestions (transportation, lodging, or locations) for an inexpensive weekend trip, We're looking for a lower B-level ride.

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Jenny (not verified)

Are you planning on camping and carrying your stuff? Finger Lakes are great for this...bus ride to Ithaca is about 4-5 hours and pretty cheap, you can leave your bike boxes at the bus station. All the roads are really really nice for biking, the roads running north/south along the lakes are scenic and relatively flat, the roads running east/west between the lakes hilly but most of the climbs aren't that long. The state campgrounds up there are phenomenal. Light traffic, not too many NYC weekenders to contend with. Ideal for a 4 or 5 day trip. Mapworks have a great bike map of the region with accomodations and camping noted.

Other suggestions if you want less hilly terrain: Cape Cod or along Lake George and Lake Champlain.

Have fun!

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Vik (not verified)

Which bus goes to Ithaca? To Lake George? Is it online?

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hannah (not verified)
Finger Lakes map

I've tried searching for a Map Works bike map of the Finger Lakes but haven't found anything. Any suggestions for how to procure this map?


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Carol (not verified)

email me and I'll send you cue sheets for a 3-day weekend in Chester, CT. You take MetroNorth to New Haven and ride from there. Bonus - Chester is where frame-maker Richard Sachs has his shop. Check out his gorgeous lugged frames. Yes, there are some hills, but you just take them at your own speed. The rides are beautiful. There's a lovely B & B in Chester, or, if you prefer camping, there's a state park nearby.

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Jay K. (not verified)
A ride outside of NYC

I was possibly thinking of renting a car and bringing the bikes on a train (metro north). Anything that is closer or within NY state with a convenient car rental at the station?

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Lisa (not verified)
Labor Day

We're planning a great trip up to the Catskills for Labor Day weekend.

Real inexpensive nice place with lots of different types of rides to scout.

Check out the web site for the cabins:


Drop me an email if you want more info.


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