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"Hi all!

I need to find a shop in NYC that has a good selection of (MTB) stuff in stock. Specifically I need to have a Chris King Devolution headset (1 1/4"" to 1 1/8"") in purple, and 4-bolt chainring guards from Salsa. And yes, I'm looking for a flesh and blood shop, not a webshop.

Thanks in advance."

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ME (not verified)

I think Sid's usually has the most high-end MTB stuff in stock on a regular basis:

Sid's Bike Shop
235 E. 34th St. (Midtown East/Murray Hill)
near Second Ave.

I have some unused purple anodized chainring bolts if you want them. email me: zmarke AT aol DOT com

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Marko (not verified)

According to www.sidsbikes.com, they don't carry Chris King at all. I'm almost getting desperate here.

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seth (not verified)

they do indeed carry chris king. call them up or go into the shop. I also think they are the premier mtb shop in nyc

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<a href="http://www.OhReallyOreilly.com">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Just ask

Go to ANY bike shop and ask them to order the Chris King (CK) headset from the QBP catalog. The Quality Bike Parts catalog is the primary source for the shop's stock of parts. For what it's worth, I purchased my CK headset at Gotham Bikes.

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Marko (not verified)
Sid's e-mail address?

Ok, thanks! I guess I'm being blind but I can't find Sid's e-mail address... Anyone?

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JP (not verified)
have you tried

in Brooklyn, near thr Brooklyn/Manhattan Bridges:



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