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It seems a Lance Armstrong movie is finally getting off the ground. According to a report on the Star web page, actor Matt Damon is getting in shape to play the six-time Tour champion in an upcoming biopic.

According to the report, Damon is in negotiations to play Armstrong in producer Frank Marshall's new project. Marshall was on hand during the recent Tour.

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Michael (not verified)
The rest of the cast

"Some NYCCers could audition for the rest of the cast...

I'm a shoe in for Jan... dark hair aside I'm already a bad climber and routinely above riding weight due to a heavy partying schedule

Chris T NYCC's favorite commentator is up for Bob Roll

Peter ""banana boy"" - Tyler Crash Hamilton

Other Nominees??"

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hannah (not verified)
I'll be Lance's girlfriend (nm)
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Carol Wood (not verified)
Well, Hannah, that about does it for the female roles

Unless the director can be talked into nontraditional casting.

In which case I would like to play Thomas Voeckler. I even have a germ of his fortitude, if not his speed or charm. (It will be a small role, since the 2004 Tour is only one chapter of Lance's career.)

Other roles:

Floyd Landis--Hank Schiffman (his agent has already submitted head shots)
Ivan Basso--Steve Weiss
Thor Hushovd--Craig Breed

Who wants to play Ullrich--JP, how 'bout it?

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Judith Tripp (not verified)
Female roles

Well, no, Carol, Lance's mother might have a teeny role . . .

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Evan Marks (not verified)
And, and, and ...

...what about all the podium girls???

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Lance's mother

Lance's mother could be played by Sheryl Crow.

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heidi (not verified)
Sheryl could also play his ex wife (nm)
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Evan Marks (not verified)
...and just might, somewhere down the road. (nm)
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bw (not verified)


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JP (not verified)

Who wants to play Ullrich--JP, how 'bout it?

Only if I get unlimited apple strudel and black forest cake - especially off season :-) I'd be in ecstasy!! X-)

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banana Guy (not verified)
JP- you don't sweat enough to play ullrich (eom) (nm)
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don montalvo (not verified)
wait...who's gonna play didi senft?!

"maybe we can get cj obregon to try for the part? :)


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Chris T. (not verified)
More casting calls...

"I'd cast

Ron Roth as George Hincapie
Peter O'Reily as Johann Bruyneel

I have too much hair to play Bobke straight up, and I won't say ""Tour DAY France"".

Let's have the Meistershill Carmichael written out of this screenplay.

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banana Guy (not verified)
Awww... Why do I always have to play 'Crash'? (nm)
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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
Lance in current Sports Illustrated

Lance-a-niacs & cycling aficionados:


Unfortunately, you have to be a subscriber to read related articles (e.g. 'Joy of Six,' etc.) Better buy an issue.

There's two covers-=-pick the one with Lance & several USPS domestiques instead of the Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps (he's attempting to win the most swimming medals by an American since Mark Spitz at Athens)


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Anthony Poole (not verified)
I can do the English accent

I could do either Phil Ligget or Paul Sherwen, seeing as I have a native English accent. Who is going to play Kirsten Gum?

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Evan Marks (not verified)
This just in...

...Ben Kingsley as Marco Pantani.

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Anthony Donato (not verified)

Brad Pitt as Mario Cipollini

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richard rosenthal (not verified)
No, no: Schiffman as the Hinault presence on the podium. (nm)
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Chris T (not verified)
"Hank ""The Badger"" Schiffman ?? hmm"

Steve Weiss bears a good resemblance to George Hincapie.

How about Anthony Micheal Hall as Jan Ullrich? LOL

...Procycling[.com] feels there are some obvious candidates. The Johan Bruyneel role would surely suit the Muscles from Brussels’ himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme. The George Hincapie role of faithful lieutenant with the good looks that breaks the hearts of female fans would suit Damon’s movie sidekick Ben Affleck perfectly. And if Ben came be persuaded, why not call in J-Lo to play Sheryl Crow?

Any suggestions on who you would like to see playing characters from Lance’s life can be sent to us at [email protected]

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Nathan (not verified)

I'll play Bob Roll!!!

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