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Any thoughts on a reliable East side bike shop? I am looking for a place to buy a bike and maintain it over time. Stores in the 50s or 60s are ideal.


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Chaim (not verified)
Sid's on 34th

Sid's is a little south of your ideal range, but I've been very happy with them. I bought a bike there and have received excellent and friendly service. They are also a nice bunch of folks there.

They are at 34th just west of 2nd ave.

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Carol (not verified)
I second that...

"Sid's is my shop of choice. They'll work with you on what you want & need, they'll fit you properly and they have one of the best mechanics in the city (Zoltan). However, in order to get the service you want, you should call ahead, tell them you're interested in a new bike and find out the best time to stop by for your initial discussion. (Don't just go in on a summer weekend and expect personal service.)

And, of course, if you're an NYCC member, let them know and bring the membership ""card"" that's on the back page of the bulletin (you can print it off the website)."

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banana guy (not verified)
2nd Ave Bicycles Plus

"Larry & Jeff's
1690 2nd Avenue at 78th Street

I have trusted these guys with my bikes for 9 years, after having been my own mechanic for over 20 years.

(rant mode on)
I have found that if you take the time to develop a relationship with almost any shop, the owner, the mechanics, the staff, and if you nurture that relationship, the shop will never be too busy to work with you. (James is always available after a ride to re-true my wheels)

This seems to be the case with most small businesses, they will work with you if you will work with them.

BTW: if you leave your bike overnight at any shop, bring a pizza for the guys when you pick it up. They will remember that small gesture for a long while!(a 6-pack of red stripe near closing time also helps, especially for a late pick-up)

You need to cultivate a relationship with any shop in order to get the best service. Naturally, if they don't know you from John Doe, they will not give you preferential treatment.

Oh, and don't forget the pizza!
(end rant)

BTW: if you need an intro to Larry and his team, tell him ""Crash"" sent you.

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Spell checker (not verified)
Larry & Jeff location


Unless Larry and Jeff moved their store....its on 87th and 2nd not 78th and second.

Dyslexics of the world.....UNTIE !!!!

You're still the best leader around. See ya on the road.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Conrad's, Bike Heaven, Pedal Pusher

Three totally different shops with one thing in common - the owner is there almost all the time. No snotty managers, no attitudinally-challenged employees:

Conrad's - 41 St & Tudor City Pl.

Bike Heaven - 62 St bet 1st & 2nd.

Pedal Pusher - 2nd bet 68th & 69th.

(Re: Sid's - I went in there last week and there were five, count 'em five, guys standing behind the counter eating pizza, yakkin' it up, having a great time, completely ignoring the customers. I practically had to beg them to take my money. Why anyone likes this shop is beyond me.)

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Marci Silverman (not verified)
2nd Ave Bicycles Plus

and yes, the correct location is 87th St! ...another shop where the owner (Larry) is almost always there, and the mechanic (James) is always willing to take the time to get me back on the road the next day.

As with any small business, and as previously stated, cultivating a relationship is key. There is no single best shop, but there is a best shop for you.

Go see Larry & his team, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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Hindy Schachter (not verified)
bike shop

Conrad's at Tudor City has good bikes and good service. Ask for John Tsang.

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