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Chaim (not verified)
Let's Keep Politics Out

Let's keep politics off the message board. Presidential politics have nothing to do with biking and can only be divisive. Do you really want to take a chance on alienating people from the club? Our goal is to ride safely and effectively, not to advance the cause of one or the other political party.

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Andrew Jackson (not verified)
That posting was about cycling...

Although David's sarcasm betrays his glee at the President's wipeout I was glad to read this little bit about cycling.

No reason to censure this posting, given all the political invective that has been flying on these boards over the past few months. Our fellow members didn't seem too alienated by the many previous threads discussing Kerry's road cycling, Bush's mountain biking, and their assorted follies.

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Robert Gray (not verified)
All about biking and not about politics

Does not sound like a political article to me

Back on His Bike, Bush Takes Spill

Published: July 27, 2004

RAWFORD, Tex., July 26 (AP) - President Bush rode up punishing climbs and down steep dirt paths on his high-performance bicycle on Monday, at one point sailing over the handlebars and landing on his back.

The president dusted himself off from his fall on a treacherous descent, waved away his medics and kept rolling, a small cut on his knee and dirt on his back the only signs of the accident. He allowed that he was a bit shaken up.

Mr. Bush was indulging his new hobby, which he sees as a way to raise his heart rate and spend time outdoors without hurting his achy knees. With a reporter from The Associated Press riding with him, Mr. Bush pedaled to remote corners of his 1,600-acre ranch.

He has been riding knobby-tired mountain bikes since February.

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Mark (not verified)
Not Political

I think any article relating to bicycling is fantastic. I have to admit, its good to read about Kerry on a bike and Bush and a mountain bike. Maybe we'll finally see more policy support for perserving mountain biking in state and federal parks and more bike lanes for road cycling.
As a side note, both of these guys from what I hear are riding some nice wheels. I hope their secret service staff's are affid bikers or cyclists.

Thanks for posting...great article!!

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"I suspect that some people delight in seeing the president repeatedly fall off of wheeled vehicles, but I'll leave that alone.

I don't like the headline, as it focuses on ""incidentals"" and misses the full story, that the POTUS is cycling for his health and enjoying it.

(I had a great time this past weekend upstate, rollerblading [K2-ing to be correct] along the Erie Canal. Fell three times. How should the headline about my afternoon read?)"

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Mark (not verified)
Go anywhere good for K2ing?

I'm from Rochester and used to rollerblade and bike along the Erie canal. Great times!!


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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

Utica. There's a 1-2 mile stretch west of Genessee St that's paved.

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)

"You NYCCers are obviously a bunch of prima donnuh, nancy boy Roadie-Smohdies. Any true knobby riders will tell ya that if you aint shedding some blood, yer not pushing yerself to da limit.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
I don't care...

so long as the only blood he's shedding is his own.

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richard rosenthal (not verified)
Lordy, lordy: look at those ADJECTIVES! And in a news story, yet

"""Punishing""? ""High-performance""? ""Treacherous""? This is news writing? (Note: No bike is ""high-performing."" The rider is. Or isn't.)


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Anthony Donato (not verified)
All I want to know is....

All I want to know is....

Was he wearing a “mouth guard” again?

Is this mouth guard “high-performing”?
Is it aero & light enough to fit properly in his mouth?
Is it custom built?
And what is it made out of (Carbon, Titanium, Aluminum, or Steel)?

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Bad fit?

"Maybe it's just the camera angle, but his knees look pitched forward way too far, and the presidential tush looks perched awfully high up on that seat.

Oh well, the higher they are, the farther they fall."

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