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Ralph Yozzo and Ron G completed and finished their first ironman - in the Adirondaks this past weekend.

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Robin (not verified)
Frank Grazioli is a new Ironman also...

...and Paul Frio just did his second!
Congrats to these former A-SIG leaders!

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
How about NYCC Jay Borok...

280 11:01:27 BOROK, JAY L NY NY USA 36/310 M40-44

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Marci Silverman (not verified)
Wait, there's more... Cheryl Shiber

...completed her first Ironman!! Way to go Cheryl and congrats from all your sigmates. We are wow-ed!

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Cheryl S. (not verified)
After the A-19 Sig, the IM was EASY!!!

Seriously, the SIG was the perfect training program for Ironman Lake Placid.

Thanks Ed, Jim and all the other SIG leaders and SIG-lets!! I never really thanked everyone and I want you all to know that the SIG was the best part of my Ironman experience!!

Now that I don't have that race hanging over my head I hope to see you out on some rides.


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a former former-editor (not verified)
let's not forget candice hirsch

708 12:03:06 HIRSCH, CANDICE G. NYC NY USA 28/110 W30-34

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Basil (not verified)
What about Marni???!!!!

Congrats to Marni Aaron also (from Westpoint weekend).
I bumped into her at one of the water stops and we ran a few miles of the marathon portion together!

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Basil (not verified)
Post-race DRINKS TONIGHT, Weds

In case anyone's interested in coming along.........NY Flyers-based group....
Sorry late notice – but post Placid drinks for anyone who wants to hear the horror stories….I mean what a fabulous event the Ironman is….btw, there are TWO Cilantros so this is the one at 88th/89th!
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Subject: Wednesday night at Cilantro
Now that Lake Placid is over...Time to celebrate!
1712 2nd Ave.
Wednesday( 7/28 )

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