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Is anyone in the club thinking of doing the Mighty Hamptons Triathlon on Sept. 19th?

I just did the bike portion this morning. 23 miles of twisting hills and spectacular scenery.

If you are even a little directionally challenged (As I am) it is well worth riding the course ahead of time as this route is really complicated.

(I ended up getting lost several times and rode 30 miles instead of 23)

Some of the hills are on the steep side and I encountered significant head winds.

Hope to see some of you there.

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Heather (not verified)
Yes-I'm signed up


Thanks for the route notes...I've signed up to do the race too. I doubt I'll be able to ride the course in advance, so I hope it's well marked on the day of the race.

A quick question for you...do you have accommodations? I've been calling around and everything is prohibitively expensive AND requires a two-night stay. I really don't want to camp, so if you have any good suggestions I would greatly appreciate!

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Emily J (not verified)
Noticed that there are some organized course rides

in August. But I can't remember where I saw the notice. Maybe the info packet? Anyway, finding accomodations will be tough. Can't imagine camping out before a tri.

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Michael (not verified)
Reasonable Accomodations

I may be able to arrange reasonably priced accomodations in the house where I had my summer share. It is in East Hampton, 13 miles to the town of Montauk.

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Heather (not verified)
housing in E. Hampton


That would be great...keep me posted!


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Michael (not verified)
Accomodations in East Hampton

The person who runs my summer house said she could accomodate up to 10 people for the night at $75 a head. The house is actually quite nice, pool tennis etc but I did mention to her that these would be triathletes who are unlikely to trash the house and spill beer in the hot tub. I'd feel more comfortable sending club memebers or their friends.

If people want to form twos and threes I'll get it arranged.

you can mail me at msny98 at ya hoo

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