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Thanks to Marina's July 23, 2004 message, I became aware of the gorgeous custom-made Landshark bikes. Does anyone else have any experience with/opinions of them? I understand that Toga carries them. I have been considering for a while buying a custom-made bicycle. I am not a racer, and just want a quality bike which is compatible with my sometimes cranky knees and back. Your thoughts, please.

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David Regen (not verified)
Custom bikes

Landshark has an excellent reputation, and lots of people in the area seem to have them. I rarely do a lap in Central Park without seeing someone riding one.

There are basically three reasons for going custom:
1) Fit--for some of us, it's hard to fit a stock frame because of our particular anatomy. A custom bike can solve this issue.

2) Ride--after fit, the characteristics of the ride define the experience. Do you want quick handling or more stability? Do you want ultra stiffness or extra comfort? Usually, you can find whatever ride qualities you want on stock bikes, but finding a stock bike that fits you AND has the ride qualities you want can be challenging.

3) Aesthetics--a custom bike can be made to look anyway you want. Strictly speaking, you can send any bike to a custom painter and s/he can make it as wild as you want, but this can get expensive (Landsharks come painted any way you want at no extra charge!!).

I just got a new bike with a stock frame, but I shopped for a long time and picked something with geometry that closely matched my custom steel Spectrum.

I hope this helps.


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Rick Braun (not verified)
possible Landshark purchase

Thanks, David! Do you know whether there are titanium Landsharks? Also do you have any opinion about Toga, or know whether any other bike shops in Manhattan sell Landsharks?

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)

"I know that Bicycle Station on Vanderbilt Ave. in Brooklyn sells them.

John Slawta builds a few carbon frames, but almost all are steel. Most of his steel frames are fillet-brazed, not lugged. No titanium. If you want an industrial-looking, welded, rust-proof, custom titanium frame there are Serotta, Independent Fabrications, Seven, Moots, and Spectrum. If I were thinking about getting a custom frame, my choice would be steel, and I wouldn't even consider titanium. Why? Because (as Peter Schickele says) ""it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that certain je ne sais quoi."" Landsharks, to me, definitely have that ""something special."" They are also one of the best values in custom bicycles.

By the way, Andy Hampsten won the 1988 Giro d'Italia on a Landshark."

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