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As the weather looks dismal for the weekend perhaps we can arrange some viewing sessions for the Tour, sunny skies cancels

Saturday OLN is showing at 9AM 12PM, 2:30 5:00 and 8:30

Sunday it is OLN at 9:00 AM or 8:30PM or CBS at 2PM

I can host a few people at my place if need be.

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Lance Fan (not verified)
Great Idea!

Great idea! I vote for Sat. at 5 and Sunday at 2.

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AnotherFan (not verified)
Second the motion!

Another OLN-less fan seconds the motion...Great idea.
Those times sound reasonable. Where? Public place (sports bar?) or elsewhere?

I'd go for a UWS location if possible.


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Lance Fan (not verified)
Where to Watch

I also prefer UWS. Can you recommend an UWS sports bar where we are sure to be able to watch the tour? Blondies might be a possibility...

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Lance Fan (not verified)
Tour Viewing Update

Checked with Blondies and although they will show the tour, they will also show a Yankee game, so they won't have any audio for the tour. So, no good. I have OLN, and could possibly host a small group.

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ISO Lance Fan (not verified)
IF you're still hosting, pls give a buzz

Lance Fan,
I know it's kind of late but if you're still hosting OLN tonight, please give me a buzz: 646-942-7082.

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