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Does anyone have any thoughts on why Virenque isn't more of a threat in the GC? Is it purely a strategic choice or one driven by lack of all-around skills? Obviously, he has a ton of climbing talent....

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Sue (not verified)

Just a guess since I haven't checked the results, but I'd say he's not the best time trial rider.

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Chris T (not verified)
Lacks the team

"Virenque get the mountain points by being a breakaway artist in the hills. But before the end of the stage, he will often get swept up by the contenders, and fall off the back, losing time, as in yesterday's 17th stage. True, he has won a stage each of the past two years racking up maximum points for the day and taking the lead. In 2003, his Stage 7 win in Morzine did get him control of the Yellow & poka-dot jerseys , but he lost 9 plus minutes the next day onto the Alpe d'Huez and surrendered the Maillot Jaune to Armstrong.

He doesn't have the team to control the pace of the race required for a GC contender, and this same team doesn't do well in the team time trial as well.

Early in his career, Virenque was a GC contender.

He deserves congratulations on clinching his 7th King of the Mountains jersey. But one of the men who won 6 KOM titles, Federico Bahamontes of Spain doesn't think much of his accomplishments

I guess Baha's thinks ""the racing was better in the good old days"

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jk (not verified)

As he puts it, he doesn't have what it takes to challenge Armstrong. He mentions this on

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
What Virenque demands to be praised for.

Twice following his Tours Virenque has donated his bikes to raise money for social causes. One was for Rwandan refugees; I don't recall the other but it was similar.

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