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Any experience with hand surgeons? Hans broke a bone in his hand and we need to find someone today to evaluate and treat.

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Chaim (not verified)
Dr. Glickel at Roosevelt Hospital

I'm sorry to hear about Hans! Best wishes for a very speedy recovery!

You can try my hand surgeon. I don't know if he has special expertise in the area you need (he treated me for Dupuytren's), but he (and all the team there) gave me excellent care. I felt well taken care of both medically and personally. His name is Dr. Glickel and he works at Roosevelt Hospital at 58th and 10th ave. Phone: 212-523-7590. My highest recommendation.

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Danielle (not verified)
Great hand surgeon

Dr. Jess Ting at Mt. Sinai in Manhattan. Great doctor. A hand specialist, but he fixed my broken toe.

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David Regen (not verified)
Orthopedic Surgeon

Vincent G. Fietti Jr. MD (212) 517-5221 901 5th Ave. When I crashed this spring, he did a great job fixing me up. I was riding again in three weeks.


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Eve (not verified)

Dr. Scott Wolfe is a hand specialist with Hospital for Special Surgery. He operated on my wrist and was great.

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ScottD (not verified)


As you know, I just had surgery this past week - I'm now sporting a lovely external fixation brace. Here's what I found in my search. Whoever you contact, tell them you are an athlete, this puts you at a higher level of treatment and the Dr will know you are serious about your recovery.

Did my surgery this past Monday at NYU Downtown Hospital. In recent years, other members of this medical group have repaired several co-workers and triathletes that I know.


This is *the* hand guy. If he had been in my health plan, he would have done the fixing. I went to him for an opinion.

2 East 88th


My coach swears by it and believes it significantly sped her recovery for a similar injury. I've only been once, so far.

Dr. Rong-Bao Lu
212 966-2178
221 Canal, bt. Baxter & Centre, 4th fl

Still looking into this one. Let's keep each other posted.

Email Sara or I direct and keep in contact - we're in the same situation.
Sara sends her best.

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