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"After Thursday's stage Lance said something like, ""No more gifts,"" that he wasn't going to give away any stages.

Your assignment: Compare and contrast that sentiment with his earlier trying to give the stage to Landis."

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Chris T (not verified)
No gifts to rival teams.

"from Letour.com
As he led an elite group of five over the final summit, Armstrong turned to Landis and asked, “How bad do you want to win a stage of the Tour de France?
“Real bad,” came Floyd’s reply.
“How fast can you go down a hill?
“Real fast!
“So,” concluded Armstrong, “run like you stole something!

But Ullrich caught Landis on the descent. Then, Armstrong said it was ""Game on"" meaning it was anybody's to win.

Kloden made a great move to win the stage at the 1km mark (flamme rouge), but could not withstand Landis's pull and Armstrong's jump sprint to nose him out at the line."

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John Kalish (not verified)
Just echoing Hinault

"from the NY Times this morning:

...someone asked Armstrong on Thursday if he was the new Cannibal, considering that he was now winning every stage. ""No,'' Armstrong responded. ""But when I mounted the victory podium today, Hinault said, 'Perfect, no gifts.' ''...""No gifts,'' Armstrong repeated, clearly relishing Hinault's advice

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Fixer (not verified)
Neither a Badger nor a Cannibal

When Mr. Armstrong starts winning races all year long, then you can compare him to Hinault and Merckx.

Winning 6 tours would be a tremendous accomplishment, but I fear too many will label him The Greatest Ever on that basis, which is far from true.

I'd put him in the same class as Indurain and Anquetil, a TdF specialist extraordinaire, not an all season dominator.

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sour grapes? (not verified)

comparing athletes of different eras is always fun but pointless. a dominant athlete in any era deserves respect, esp when he/she dominates after 2000+ miles of racing. it's enough for me that merckx and hinault recognise armstrong as being the dominant cyclist of this era and it's too bad for ullrich who, arguably, would otherwise have filled this role rather than that of polidor. so, all this whining strikes me as sour grapes or, more likely, a not incomprehensible case of serious envy.

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