Nude Beach Ride in August??

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Way back when (oh, '93 or so), I went on the famous Nude Beach Ride to Sandy Hook, NJ, where we, um, sunbathed and then rode to a dock to take a boat ride back to NYC. It was great fun and definitely different; does the club still do this?

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JP (not verified)

Sand gets EVERYWHERE :-0

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Fixer (not verified)
Hope Not

Given the aging demographics of the NYCC (See anyone under 40 at the last All Class?), I'm not so sure that'd be such a great idea.

Maybe in January, at least it'd be quick!

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Jim Reaven (not verified)
Lots of new young'uns

To swerve the subject slightly, the huge C-sigs are bringing in lots of people in their 20's and 30's. Several are now ride leaders. There were more at the Newcomers. Let's think of ways to help them feel welcome.

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