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Unfortunately, after my last fall I need to get a new fork for my 650-wheeled Landshark. There's a carbon fork by Kinesis for $99 that I found on Has anyone here ever heard of Kinesis or It would be even better if you ever ordered anything from icycles and can describe your experience. If you have any other recommendations for a 650c 1in. threaded fork, I'd love those as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Icycles, yes. Kinesis, dunno

I've bought a few things from Kevin W. at Icycles USA. Always smooth sailing.

Kinesis I know little about, I believe it's just another China-sourced parts maker. Perfectly capable, I suppose...

I'd ask Landshark for their recommendation. Contrary to popular belief, forks are not an aftermarket accessory. Frames are designed around a specific fork rake and length; changing that affects handling, for better or worse.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Kinesis fork for Landshark

"I think that a Landshark deserves a better fork than a Kinesis. I'm not saying that Kinesis forks aren't well-made (I happen to have a Kinesis aluminum fork on one of my bikes). But a fork on a custom bike shouldn't be thought of as a component, like a derailleur or seatpost, but rather as part of the frame, because it affects the handling. So I would recommend speaking to John Slawta and asking his opinion about a replacement. He will also paint the fork to match the frame. Unless your frame is all black, putting a black plastic fork on a lugged or fillet-brazed steel frame doesn't look proper, to my mind.

I have seen a few Landsharks up close and the workmanship on them is amazing. The paint schemes are unique and I wouldn't hesitate to call them ""art."" You can see photos on Landshark's web page, but pictures don't do justice to these stunning bikes."

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see C+

check out the latest issue of Cycling Plus (UK) for an exhaustive review of forks.

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