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Hi, we're your wurstwhile leaders for the hot dog ride, and have received a few questions about the ride, which we will reply to individually on Thursday morning.

The ride will start from the city, ride to Brewster, and return by Metro-North.

All other responses will come on Thursday, as we are currently in an internet cafe in Milan, using a crappy keyboard.

Thanks, and ciao!
Ivy and Christian

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Ivy (not verified)
more info

The total milage for the ride is 73.6. The destination is the Red Rooster on Route 22. We'll return via Metro North - trains depart at 3:10, 4:10, and 5:10 and the ride back to the City takes an hour and 20 minutes. PLEASE BRING YOUR BIKE PASS!

As the purpose of the ride is to visit a road-side hot dog stand, I am loath to lead this ride in the rain. Watch this thread for cancellation information.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)
Hot Dog Ride is Going!

The Hot Dog! Ride to Brewster is on. Meet at 9:00am at 89th/Riverside.

- Christian

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Chaim (not verified)
Great Ride!

Today's hot dog ride (#2 of a series) was a resounding success--the weather held out, the hills were (well, let's not talk about it), the group was friendly as always and rode well, and the leaders did a wonderful job of keeping the group together and guiding us through Westchester to our destination where we ate hot dogs, of course. It was an unusual ride because we rode the entire trip before eating lunch. (We returned by train.) Thanks Ivy and Christian for another great ride!

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