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I love the new bikes-only side of the Manhattan bridge for my morning commute, but it dumps you out into a horrible spot if you are trying to get to the west side of Manhattan. Anybody have a good means of getting through the manhattan bridge traffic and cross-town to 6th Ave?

I have been turning left off of the sidewalk from the bike path and riding the wrong way up the street and through the Manh. Br. traffic to turn left onto Bowery, Right onto Worth, then Right on Church to 6th Avenue. It is scary EVERY day trying to get through the M.B. off-ramp traffic. Lots of big trucks. The pedestrian side lets you out in a much better spot, but I don't like to annoy people by riding on the wrong side, I would be quite annoyed if people started walking on the bike side.

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Joe Irizarry (not verified)
where are you going?

You seem to be going further downtown to go back uptown. If you're going towards 6th ave. then make a quick left off the exit ramp. You'll only go against traffic for half a block. Make your next right, I believe it's Christie st. Then go to Houston St. make a left all the way to 6th ave. If going against traffic for half a block doesn't seem right to you, then make a right off of the exit ramp and go one block to Division St. and make another right. That'll bring you right back to Bowery. After that you can continue on your normal route. Though I think Christie st. would cut about 10 minutes off your commute.

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RobertoC (not verified)

Joe, Thanks for the suggestion. I only recently started using the MB (after 2 crashes on the Bklyn Bridge caused by pedestrians with headphones walking in the bike lane and unable to hear my bell or shouts - but those are stories for another thread). I haven't had time to explore. I enjoy riding in the city enough that going 2 blocks out of my way downtown didn't really bother me, but I will definitely try your route.

Thanks again.

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