Best Inner Tubes? Any online Comparitive Charts available?

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Does anyone know of an internet resource that compares bike tubes, their weights, their application (race vs training), long race (IM) vs short race (sprint tri) and their approx. durability/cust. satisfaction?

In addition, are there any personal experiences on road tubes you can share? I personally have had poor experience with Salsa tubes (valves broke off pumping twice in a row--same bat pump, same bat
posture, same bat stroke). 'Specialized' tubes have been good to me
but I'm not sure of their weight/performance vs. other road tubes like Bontrager, Michelin, etc.


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Evan Marks (not verified)
tube weights

Cheap tubes on sale at Performance right now - 10/$20. You get what you pay for.

I like Michelin A1's - smooth valve makes it easier to get the pump on and off. They had a run of badly glued valve skirts but that was ~5 years ago.

I know someone who likes Vredesteins because of the longitudinal seams (seams run crosswise on most other tubes). It's probably a very personal belief, no less so than my affinity for Michelins ;^/

OTOH, some bike shop guys say fuggedabout the tubes, buy some decent tires, and it's hard to justify disagreement. Good luck.

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Peter Storey (not verified)

"""OTOH, some bike shop guys say fuggedabout the tubes, buy some decent tires, and it's hard to justify disagreement.""

Amen. Leaving aside so-called ""Thornproof"" tubes, I doubt you'll find a weight difference that makes any difference. If you absolutely have to go lighter, find some latex ones -- they're also great for upper body conditioning as you'll have to pump them just about every day.

Better yet, tubulars (sew-ups). No more expensive than collecting fine wines, and probably better for you!

Peter Storey"

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David Regen (not verified)
Michelin A1's

What size stem do these have? I need 48mm stems.

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Frank Grazioli (not verified)
Specialized UltraLite

And if you plan on doing an IM or Half, invest in some CO2 cartridges and don't be standing on the roadside pumping!

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wheel man (not verified)
weight trade off

"I have been using the ""cheap"" performance tubes on all my bikes (mtn, road, tandem) for years.
Knock on wood, not a single flat on my road bike in the past 5000 miles. I usually throw out the tube when I replace the tire. And they need to be re-pumped about weekly.
OTOH, if I was racing or a serious weigh counter, I would quickly change out and lose some grams (117g quoted for a regular 700 23-26 vs 60g for the ultra light). 112 grams (for front and back) is almost an entire light seat post!"

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