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Want to know if any of your club members are planning on attending. We want to mention the local clubs that are in attendance.

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don montalvo (not verified) broadcast at noon on ch7!
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bikesherpa (not verified)

I'm going and so are my friends so definitely mention NYCC.

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Judith Tripp (not verified)
Bike race on August 1

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I went the last couple of years and loved it. Great to see Marty Nothstein win last year! Yes I will go again this year, and hopefully get to try out my tiny portable camouflage folding stool, bought specifically for events such as this from BEST BETS in NY Mag. Or maybe not, I would be peering through people's legs.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Unsolicited advice

Bravo! Sponsoring a bike race is a terrific idea for a business involving communication and speed. It's also a worthy cause.

But why not spend a few extra bucks for an editor to make sure that the public knows what you (or your consultants) are talking about? We come cheap these days, and a lot of us are looking for work. I can send you resumes.

Here's a free sample.

About BMC Software
BMC Software Inc. makes computer software for corporations. that empower companies to manage IT from a business perspective. Delivering Business Service Management, BMC Software solutions span enterprise systems, applications, databases and service management. Founded in 1980, BMC Software has offices worldwide and fiscal 2004 revenues of more than $1.4 billion. For more information about BMC Software, visit

Translated into English:

About BMC Software
BMC Software Inc. makes computer software for corporations worldwide. Founded in 1980, the company's revenues for fiscal 2004 exceeded $1.4 billion. For more information, visit

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