Need to rent a road bike while in NY

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I'm coming to NY at the end of July and not bringing my bike. Where can I rent a road bike?

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Evan Marks (not verified)
rental options
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Carol (not verified)

Pedal Pusher Bicycles on Second Ave. at 69th St. rents road bikes.

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Michael Casey (not verified)

Try Toga, 212-799-9625. You can also search this board and find many, many postings on the subject.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Bicycle Habitat

SoHo location, cool shop.

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Tara (not verified)

If you want to rent a road bike for a week or so...... Peddle pusher's is the only shop that will do that. However, if you will be here for that period of time I would recommend shipping (cheaper).

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