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"Although I have lived in NYC for the past nearly three years and joined the NYCC, my previous work schedule prevented me from joining any club rides. Yesterday, I went on my first one, the Freelancers' Wednesday ride, and it was wonderful. My thanks to our leader, Chaim, and the other club members who made a newcomer feel most welcome.

By the way, I think it was terrible that the GWB architects sent their walkway planner to the Guggenheim the day before they said, ""Design a way for people to walk or cycle onto the pedestrian pathway.""

Steve Knight"

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Chaim (not verified)

Thanks to you, Steve, for regaling us at lunch with stories of work in Iraq. It was a pleasure to meet you and ride with you! I hope you will continue to enjoy riding with the club.
Also many thanks to Mark Gelles who suggested pacelining on the way back. That suggestion really made the ride special.
And thanks to all the other riders who rode so well and made the ride a lot of fun!

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Chris T (not verified)
The Hairpin Turn on the GWB approach

Steve, I liked the Guggenheim reference. Welcome to the club rides

The hairpin turn takes a little good handling skill to navigate without clipping out or holding the rail. An optional part of the A-sig is practicing the turn on a flat surface, along with other bike handling skills

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