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"My friend and fellow bicycling enthusiast nadette Stasa wanted me to pass on the following information regarding the bike ride she's organized. The ""bike to beat Bush"" ride will be on Sunday, July 25th. It starts @ City Hall. Meets @ 9:30. Leaves @ 11:00 and crosses into B'Klyn..going to Coney Island and ends up in Prospect Park for a picnic. Get a ""Bike To Beat Bush"" T-shirt too!

All the info is @"

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Said Kumar (not verified)
"Can I get a ""Beat Kerry"" T- shirt instead? (nm)"
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Cheryl S. (not verified)
Not! (nm)
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Tall Guy (not verified)

Beat Bush! Go Johnny go!!!

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GoNavy (not verified)

John F. Kerry? No ""F""ing way.
Flush the Johns in 2004!!


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frank (not verified)

quis custodet ipsos custodes? there appears to be a politically biased censor in our midst as posts to this thread having a contrary political view have been eliminated...imagine that! not sure whether i should be outraged or amused. actually, i would much prefer to be bemused.

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PieHole (not verified)

How's the weather in France, Cuba, N. Korea?
Bicycling there Sounds great.

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