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"Come enjoy the TOUR OF FRANCE at the “The Venus Room"" located at 1074 First Avenue between 58 & 59
Streets (upper east side).

I’ll be showing the OLN network starting at 4 PM on the following dates:

Tuesday, July 13th
Thursday, July 15th
Sunday, July 18th
Monday, July 19th
Wednesday, July 21th

~~ Other dates will be posted weekly! ~~

Traditionally the Venus Room is a baseball bar, but while I work as a bartender you can watch the
TOUR OF FRANCE! The bar is open until 2 AM!

Happy hour $3 beer/well drinks until 9pm. We don’t sell food but you can order in. I'll provide
you with the delivery menus of many delicious neighborhood restaurants.

Andres Nicolini
Sig Grad & Ride Leader

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Andres Nicolini (not verified)

Oops! Sorry Monday 19th is a Rest day in Nîmes.

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Michael (not verified)
And Blondies 79th St Bdway/Amsterdam on Tuesday the 20th (nm)
cycling trips