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I am sorry to say I will not be seeing you, my favorite riding partners, for a while.

I had a serious crash during a solo ride outside of New Paltz on July 3rd. I was running down 44/55 towards Kerhonkson when an old guy cut across one of the dinky cross roads without looking. I had nowhere to go and broadsided him going 35 mph.

I was lucky to get away with just multiple breaks in my left leg and professional supply of road rash. I spent 5 days in the hospital and have to stay off the leg for 8 weeks. Otherwise, I will make a full recovery. I am feeling very lucky.

My Colnago was not as lucky and was trashed spectacularly. I have pictures if anyone, like me, has that nagging curiousity to see just what a 35 mph crash looks like.

So, take a pull for me, sit up and smell the countryside and feel glad to be alive, I will be back on shortly.


Steven Marks

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Evan Marks (not verified)
photographic evidence

I trashed CaLnOgO (intentionally misspelled - a generic black frame that was once mistaken for a Colnago) at half that speed with only a broken thumb and minor-league pavementitis so I know whereof you speak. Heal fast.

(Yes, I have photos too. Morbid, eh?)

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fred steinberg (not verified)
Did he complain that you hit him?

I hope you have a fast recovery.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Poor lad. Kerhonkson is the trash can of broken dreams (nm)
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