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Working on my girlfriend's bike this afternoon, I wrestled with mismatched tires and rims for an hour (and lost). The tire was too small for the rim. I am left wondering: Is there any mechanic's hint or trick I could try if the tire does not want to go on the rim???

This is a city bike with generic rims and a pair of (cheap) IRC Paperlite 700x23 wire bead tires handed down from my city bike. Are these tires simply a lost cause? What tires should I buy that might be easier to get on the rim? She is comfortable with 23's but perhaps wider is better for these particular rims.

I searched for previous threads and the phenomenon of tire/rim mismatch was mentioned but no advice given.

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Joao (not verified)

"The rim might be a 27"" inch, which a lot of people assume to be the same as 700c, but is actually just a little bigger. The 27"" is 630mm in diameter, while the 700c is 622mm."

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Vik (not verified)
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"Chainwheel" (not verified)

"Paperlites (195g ?) don't seem like a good choice for a city bike. What is the inside width of the rim in mm? What size tires were on the bike originally?


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