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Dumb question - anyone have suggestions/tips for attaching cue sheets to a bike so they are viewable while riding?

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Maryellen (not verified)
attaching cue sheets

"1) mini binder clip hanging off a brake cable

2) a ""BarMap"" from cycoactive.com -- this a plastic sleeve attaching to the handlebars via velco."

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B. Dale (not verified)
Thumbs up to BarMap

"After returning from a ride where my primary cue sheet was lost to the wind and my ""back-up"" was hopelessly soaked in the rain, I bought the ""BarMap."" They're available at REI and Campmor. I bought a size ""small"" and it's plenty big. Sure, you lose a few ""coolness"" points with one of these babies flopping around on your manganese stem, but they're very functional.


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Richard E (not verified)
Cue Clip

It's unobtrusive and it works...


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