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As a eyeglass wearer I get frustrated by the lack of options for sunglasses suitable for riding (road) that have prescription lenses. Anyone out there have any recommendations? Thanks.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
rx sunglasses

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Tom Laskey (not verified)
More Options than you think

Briko, Bolle, Rudy Project and probably others all offer cycling glasses that can accomodate prescription inserts. You buy the frames and the tinted non-prescription lenses and the prescription insert. Take the insert to your favorite optician and have them make the lenses with your prescription. You can find these brands in most catalogs and on-line sites like Colorado Cyclist, Performance, Exel, etc. Some of them will even fill your prescription if you send it to them so you can get the whole package in one shot. I'm not sure how readily available they are at bike shops but it might be worth a trip to your LBS of choice. I'm also told that some opticians sell them as well. I think Pildes Optical does, there may be others.

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Basil (not verified)

I got mine at Cohen Fashion Optical but no doubt they're available elsewhere also.
They've served me well on both bike and skis.
Bonus points for initiating conversations - not always complimentary but they do get comments!!!

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Robert (not verified)
Oakley M frames

I have two pairs.
I think they are great.
Prescription needs to be less than 5.0
Tyler H. wears them.

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Ted (not verified)
Rudy Project

"I have been through the same thing. A few years ago in CA, I ended up with little know Prorider frames and lenses made by a lab with a one of a kind flash color. This year, I spent more time on research and found a couple of options.
Rudy Project has a couple of options. A tiny bit cheaper than Oakley, but they are still going to cost you. I also read a couple of rants about Oakley Rx quality control. is one web site rudys are sold through. A few local places said they would do them, but the colors were limited, and not real rudy colors. Just what their labs could do.
Some models are ""adapters"" which is the lens behind the lens (Bolle has lots of these) and other models are ""direct in the frame"". My Graal Fyols took a day or two to get use to the Rx, but now I love them.
Very bike friendly, but also stylish enough to wear around town. Really no way for anyone else to tell that they are Rx."

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Brad Ensminger (not verified)
Reading Cue Sheets--Rudy Proect--Ekynox SX

Check out the website for Rudy Project:

I got my glasses from:
Studio Optix
55 W49 (Rockefeller Center)

My vision is 20/20 but I require reading glasses. I was looking for sun glasses with an optical insert so I could read the cue sheets while riding.

Studio Optix problem-solved the lenses by placing the prescription part of the glasses at the very bottom of the frame. They were very precise about my fitting and where the prescription was located in the glass.

Studio Optix can order any color lenses or frames you see on the website. They were not the cheapest supplier but they were very attentive. They even mentioned they would replace the optical glass if I wasn't pleased with the location of the prescription.

I ended up getting black, amber and clear front lenses for different lighting conditions.

In general I am very pleased. My only issue is that they fog-up sometimes. This is probably true of all glasses.

Good Luck,

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Evan Marks (not verified)
reading glasses for 20 bucks

Yes, they work.

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