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I have a small house for rent in Connecticut. I am thinking of furnishing it and setting it up for maybe a group of sports people to use. I wonder if there would be interest in this! Its on a dead end dirt road and surrounded by mountain biking trails and great road riding. Would anyone think there would be an interest in your club or a group renting this house furnished?

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
club house???

Now, mark, i did suggest it. of course i was thinking more in mid town.
But ken didn’t say where this house is or how big it is.
What’s the story ken? hal

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Ken McCann (not verified)
rental house for club

The house is in Southern Connecticut. In Monroe on the Redding line. About 20 minutes from Westport. Its 1000 square feet and one bathroom. On the small side. Great dirt trails and road riding. Also a rail trail 3 miles away. Ken McCann

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