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"Come enjoy the TOUR OF FRANCE at the “The Venus Room"" located at 1074 First Avenue between 58 & 59
Streets (upper east side).

I’ll be showing the OLN network starting at 4 PM on the following dates:

Today, Thursday, July 8th
Tuesday, July 13th
Thursday, July 15th

~~ Other dates will be posted weekly! ~~

Traditionally the Venus Room is a baseball bar, but while I work as a bartender you can watch the
TOUR OF FRANCE! The bar is open until 2 AM!

Happy hour $3 beer/well drinks until 9pm. We don’t sell food but you can order in. I'll provide
you with the delivery menus of many delicious neighborhood restaurants.

Andres Nicolini
Sig Grad & Ride Leader

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Michelle Smith (not verified)
TDF screenings! yay! THANK YOU!

Wow, this sounds great. I have been going from place to place trying to find a good spot to watch the TDF. Every sports bar I go to (including Blondies) the sound is always off and there are no subtitles. Is there at least closed captioning at Venus?

Thank you for offering this! Maybe we should have sig reunion nights there. I'll send it to my friends for next Thurs 7/15. We could also come there after the nycc club meeting on Tuesday 7/13! Add more dates ASAP!

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Andres Nicolini (not verified)

There is closed captioning at Venus. I may have the sound on if we have enough viewers.


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Gaurav Vashist (not verified)
Tour de France Nightly Screenings

Any chance of weekend viewings?

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Andres Nicolini (not verified)

I'm working on it. I'll let you know as soon as I have more dates including weekends.

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