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Does anyone know of any good websites to find objective reviews for high end bike frames/bikes? I'm specificly looking for reviews of the Eddie Merkcx carbon MXM frame but also want to review comparables.
All help is greatly appreciated.

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seth (not verified)

the problem with bicycle reviews in magazines and websites is

1. advertising money influence. E. Merkcx spends $??,??? in advertising with a magazine or website, how objective can the review be?

2. end-user reviews: who is going to say that the bicycle they just paid $??,??? for is actually a big, steaming pile? How many other bicycles have they ridden in comparison? Where all those other tests done with the same wheels, stems, handlebars, seatposts and saddles?

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Allison Agliardo (not verified)
road bike review is a great site to get bike info.

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