Moved back to NYC (Hoboken)...where to ride?

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I just moved back to the NYC area (Hoboken, NJ) and living in Philly for the last 10 months has made me spoiled.

Never having lived in Hoboken or NJ before...where can i get good roads and good rides in? HELP!

ps...also where can i catch TdF coverage...cablevision doesn' t carry OLN.

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
Hudson & Bergen County Cycling


Speaking as a cyclist, this is just for starters and to offset a negative response:

* There's an incomplete greenway from Ft. Lee to Bayonne, called the Hudson River Walkway (biking is allowed). I'm leading a C ride on July 31 called the Missing Links ride, with Carter Craft of the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance. We'll survey bike accessible paths on both sides of the Hudson.

* There's a nice small stretch in Hoboken, near the Hudson River. It's between the Hoboken hub (NJT, NY Waterway, PATH) and Sinatra Park & Sinatra Park Cafe.
By the way, if you hang out there the evening of Sept. 11, 2004, you can see the annual blue lights memorializing the World Trade Center

* Riding north of Sinatra Park, is a road called Sinatra Dr. You can ride past a factory which was a locale in the classic 1954 film, ""On The Waterfront"" Marlon Brando's Terry (I Could Have Been a Contender) Molloy character was courting Eva Marie Saint's Edie Doyle characterette in a scene.

* If you want a hilly workout, head north of Hoboken to a busy (but rideable) stretch at the town of Edgewater leading to the George Washington Bridge. Or before the GWB, you can ride River Rd. You can take a rest and/or refreshment stop at either Edgewater Commons or Mitsuwa Marketplace shopping malls. The Hudson River Greenway has a path. You'll be equidistant from Manhattan's Riverside Church, across the Hudson.

* Beyond the GWB, you can ride to Piermont and Nyack, in Rockland County.

* Suggested bike run, south of your town: ride to Liberty State Park shoreline, then to Jersey City, Bayonne (check out Brady's Dock on 1st St. & treat yourself to ice cream at Harbor View Parlor), go over the Bayonne Bridge. This will take you to Staten Island. Turn right on Richmond
Terr. Turn Left on Jersey Ave., which will take you to the North Shore Greenway. Pass the SI Yankee ""A"" stadium and head for the pedestrian entrance of the SI Ferry to Manhattan. Ride on the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway to World Financial Center. You can take a NY Waterway Ferry (about $6) or the PATH (about $1.50) back to Hoboken.

For resources, check the NYCC resources page & Transportations Alternatives (

Hope this helps,

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"Some weekend afternoon a year or 2 ago, I continued down some street in Tenafly/Englewood to see ""how far I can go south to avoid Churchill."" Ended up on Grand Ave, then some other roads which were not busy on the weekend, recall West Side Ave (?) in the Meadowlands, Paterson Plank Rd, & ended up in Jersey City or Hoboken. Perhaps you can retrace my route backwards...

Welcome to Hoboken. I work here and love it."

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Rick (not verified)

Thanks for the info....


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Bern (not verified)
Philadelphia riding

Hey Rick,
I just saw your posting (realize it was a while ago). But I may actually be moving to Philadelphia in October and was wondering if you had some advice on where to go for rides around there. If you see this, thanks!

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Peter Storey (not verified)

Subject says it all. My parents and my in-laws live a few miles apart in the western 'burbs, so we spend a lot of weekends there. Earlier this Spring, I went on one of their rides through Lancaster County. Great people (and very welcoming to newcomers) riding through great countryside. Highly recommend.

Peter Storey

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Rick (not verified)


if you love to ride, you will love philly. Their is a bike culture there second to none. Bike lanes, the Schukyll Path, and tons of groups and teams. Plus the USPRO Championships in Manayunk which I got to experience since i lived in Manayunk and the race went within 1 block of my house. Drivers are very conscious of bikers too so that is really helpful.

At the Art Museum, groups normally meet there to ride and theres no GWB to have to cross. I still go back Tuesday nights for the drives ride. About 40-60 cyclists avgeraging 27+mph for 3 to 4 laps of this 10 mile loop....can you tell.....I really like riding there.


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