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"Hi, Everyone --

Not that we need a reason to party, but here's a good one...

Sheamus and I will be hosting the 2nd annual Empire State AIDS Ride ""Party with a Purpose"" and would love to have friends and fellow cyclists join in the celebration. Details below; RSVP via evite, email, or this thread appreciated, although not required.

Date: July 21st
Time: 6pm on
Place: Turtle Bay's 2nd floor lounge
987 2nd Ave (b/w 52 & 53), New York, NY

Details/Drink Specials: $3 bottled beer, $4 well drinks & $5 specialty drinks ALL NIGHT!

Donation: $15 minimum, more graciously accepted.
*100% of your donation will go directly to our beneficiaries*

Full details & evite

To join us on the ride, or just get more information

360 Miles. Seven days. Niagara Falls to NYC.

Hope to see you there!


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Mavis Scanlon (not verified)
good luck!

The ride sounds intense, but beautiful, and the party sounds fun! Will try to stop by.

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banana guy (not verified)
Good Cause! (nm)
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heidi sadowsky (not verified)
bump this to the top (nm)
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Heath (not verified)
I did this ride last year

Last year I helped out on the last day as the ride came into the city. I did not ride my bicycle, but helped out on the motorcycle safety crew.

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