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"Tuesday's (7/6) column by George Vecsey in the NYT--yes, you can get it here in Cleveland where I am--describes his riding in a car ahead of the racers, but, seemingly, not as part of the caravan. Then...

""It was now time to actually observe cycling being committed.""

Isn't that great writing?


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Peter Storey (not verified)
Horreurs Grammatiques!!!

"Great? A split infinitive AND a misplaced ""actually"" in the space of ten words?

Richard, Richard . . . .

Pedantically yours in pedalling,


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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
nm (nm)
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hannah (not verified)
I like this one

"Another ringer by Vecsey in today's paper:

""But short of tossing chickens or ball bearings in Armstrong's way as eccentric new ground rules, the Tour could not stop the charismatic Texan from taking over the leader's yellow jersey.""


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Evan Marks (not verified)

Don't miss Cyril Guimard's daily rant/commentary/prognostications:


Former DS for Hinault, LeMond, Fignon (you know, the guy with glasses who will forever be remembered for having lost to LeMond by 8 seconds).

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