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Let us be the first ones to congratulate you for a job VERY well done!

Joan & Jay

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Ed White (not verified)
You're welcome!

Joan & Jay--
It's always great to see you two. Thanks for the comment.

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Jim (not verified)

Great rides, great weather, great time!
Thanks Ed!

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bikesherpa (not verified)

Ed, from the pre-trip emails, to the maps, and the agility to deal with weather-related changes in rides, you did an awesome job. And, to top it off, for waiting in the rain with everyone's luggage. Thanks to Ed and all of NYCC for showing that the whole is greater than the sum of our parts!

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Melissa (not verified)


You did a fabulous job organizing the Westpoint weekend!!! THANK YOU!!! I had a wonderful time and thought that everything from the boat, to the band, to the caterers, to the rides, to the weather (which I'm sure you had a hand in somehow - ; )) were all SPECTACULAR!!!!

Thanks so much for agreeing to take on this project when Christy approached you about it. From our perspective, you made the right decision!


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tara (not verified)
Thank you ed!

Hey Ed,

You were some sight to roll up on this wet afternoon, chair, tarp, cooler, drenched t-shirt and all.

I know how difficult it is to coordinate functions, but you did it well. You would make an excellent bride!

You are very generous to share so much of your time and energy.It's much appreciated.


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Ed White (not verified)

Hi Tara,

Thanks...It was good to see you over the weekend.

Bride? I'd much prefer to be someone's groom!


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Marci Silverman (not verified)
Add my thanks to the list

Great rides, beautiful weather, good friends. You did an amazing job coordinating the details so that we could all sit back and enjoy the weekend. Thanks for taking it on!

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Ellen (not verified)
amazing job

Ed......I'm thinking you'd make an amazing conference planner.
Not that you need a new gig, but those pros have nothing on you.
Your thoughtfulness and attention to detail on every aspect of the weekend was impressive. Thank you.


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heidi sadowsky (not verified)
Cheers to Ed White

Ditto to all of the above....and you made it look so easy.

Thanks for your hard work and dedication and for making this a spectacular weekend.

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Basil (not verified)
Thanks for a great weekend Ed!

It's all been said above already but your attention to detail and organizational skills were a class act!
Thanks for making it happen.

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Rich Ramon (not verified)
Great job!

Ed - thanks for making it all come together. Twenty-one gun salute for Ed!!!


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Jack Lehnert (not verified)
West Point

Never doubted the trip would be a smashing success; the trip reflected you, organized, big-hearted and fun.

Hip, hip, hurray, Ed!

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
west point remembered

ed, it seems like an impossible dream that someone could step into the job you did this past weekend and, on their first outing, make it look like they've been doing it for years.
you had everything laid out perfectly, with not a hiccup along the way [at least not the one's we saw]. the rides, the events, the boat, the meals and even the weather [personal contacts here?] just made for a perfectly fun and memorable weekend with good friends.
truth is we all know how hard you worked to make it so easy for all of us.
what else can we say but, thanks and much appreciated. hal

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Jeff (not verified)
Ed for President!

We could do worse (and probably will)! :)

Kudos Ed. Many of us have some very happy memories thanks mostly to you.


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Ed White (not verified)
President of what?

I agree I'd make a better president than any of those turkeys running, although I'd never get elected and I have no intention of trying! If you're referring to NYCC pres, I heartily endorse Stan (West Point is enough for me)!

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Diane (not verified)
more thank's

Thanks for making it a perfect weekend for everyone in every way! You even made it easy for us volunteers (including your beach chair set-up on 75th street upon our arrival!!).

Diane and Al

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