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John Kalish (not verified)
ESPN/AFP/NY Times link

Funny thing is, this link, which seems to come from Agence France Presse, is the same applet as on the NY Times site, although I can't seem to get scroll bars with the ESPN link. Both last year and this year, this provides very good info, in a form I've found very easy to navigate.

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don montalvo (not verified)
floating window for mac osx (live updates)
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Eric Faber (not verified)
Tour De Franc e Links

My Favoirite link is:

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Anthony Donato (not verified)
LIve Audio Coverage of the TDF

"Here is the link for the live audio coverage ( w/out the annoying ""Cyclysm Commercial"" ) :


Just make sure you don't irritate your colleague/s should you be sharing an office space with someone. If you do, then you might want to use a headphone.



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