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As a newbie, I'd like some suggestions on how to bring a bike on the train (I'm taking the LIRR Saturday am). For example, is it best to take a car at the very end of the train, should I check in with the conductor before getting on the train, is it best to take the earliest train possible to avoid the crowds (will a 10:30am train be too crowded), has anyone had problems I should know about??

Thanks for any suggestions. Happy 4th!

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Vik (not verified)

First, you need a bicycle permit, which you can buy for $5 at Penn Station and Flatbush Avenue (not sure about other stations). Then there are some restictions on taking bikes on train depending on your destination. For example, it seems that the only train to Montauk where bikes are allowed on Saturdays is 7:46 AM (one needs a big timetable to see this as I was advised in another thread). Also, it seems that the LIRR people don't know their job: before I got that timetable, I called LIRR three times asking about the bike trains and got three different answers: bikes are not allowed on Saturdays; NOT allowed on 7:46, allowed on 9:46; allowed on 7:46.
In my expierence, conductors tell you which car you can take.

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Rick Braun (not verified)

A bike permit can also be purchased at one window all the way on the left (facing the windows) at Grand Central Station.

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