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Looking to get to Macungie, PA. It's near Emmaus and Allentown .. does anybody know any routes or know whom I can contact?


Kenneth Wright

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bikesherpa (not verified)

here is the official pa state bike map to the Allentown area. Click on each number along the trail to zoom in on that area.

for all the pa dop bike maps, go here:

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B Dale (not verified)
Hawk Mountain

"I recently did an awesome ride in this area. It begins at the Velodrome parking lot in Trexlertown and is 89.4 miles. It features a 679' climb up Blue Mt Ridge and a 819' climb up Hawk mountain (I noticed that you have the word ""climb"" in your email address). The cue sheet was supplied to me by Eduardo Ruchelli of the Philly Bike Club. If you're you'd like a copy of the cue sheet. is also a nice reference for rides in this area.


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B Dale (not verified)

Sorry about my typo in the above posting; email me if you'd like a copy of Eduardo's cue sheet.

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ITNOC (not verified)
While we're on the subject of Pa. routes

I'm looking to do a ride from NY to Lake Harmony, Pa. Currently I'm looking at Microsoft street & trips which is always a shot in the dark. Any suggestions on routes are certainly appreciated.

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Kenneth Wright (not verified)

I've received a great PA link .. but I need to get from NYC to PA. I am willing to train into NJ and start a ride from there. Again the ride ends in Macungie which is near Emmaus and Allentown. I plan on riding the Pagoda something on 7/5.

So who has routes across NJ? I need to be parallel-ish w/ I-78 and/or cross PA border near Easton


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