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1. Are bicycles allowed on Montauk highway between Westhampton and Montauk? Is that route hilly for a novice recreational rider?

2. According to the LIRR rules, bicycles are not allowed on the Montauk trains on Saturdays. Does anybody know if they will allow the bike on train if I take off the wheels and pack the bike into a bag?


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hannah (not verified)
alternate transportation to Montauk

Not sure about LIRR rules regarding packed bikes, but the Hampton Jitney takes bikes for an additional $10 (no disassembly required). I'm going to try it after my Staten Island ride this Saturday.


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bikesherpa (not verified)

Yes, you can ride your bike on Montauk Highway between Westhampton and Montauk. The ride only gets hilly between the town of Montauk and Montauk Point but that is the most beautiful part of the ride. The biggest risk is wind, it usually blows west to east which is great but sometimes can be brutal if it's east to west (then if feels like you're going uphill the entire time...). It's a great ride but there will be plenty of traffic on Saturday and it might help to get a map and try taking some backroads south of Montauk Highway from Water Mill through Amagansett. Bon Voyage.

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Michael (not verified)
LIRR has a bike train on Sat morning to Montauk

Check the big version of the schedule (the one that covers the whole montauk line.. not the small versions) There is a legend that shows the bike train. Friday before July 4th and July 4th there are no bikes on any train

From West Hampton to South you can take Dune road part of the way and then back on Montauk Highway to just before Southampton. Pick up Noyak/North Sea road to Sag Harbor and then in Sag pick up Rte 114 back down towards East Hampton. You could continue into East Hampton and pick back up on Montauk Highway to the point as most of the bad traffic is now behind you... or

about 2 miles after Sag Harbor turn left on Swamp Road, (it is well marked but if you pass the airport road you went too far).. on Swamp road start watching for cues on the pavement, BBB>. they take you on a good ride through the bay side waterfront areas and out to Montauk. I did the ride this past weekend, a welcome change to Montauk Highway

A map would surely help, particularly with the Sag Harbor Leg

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Pete Brevett (not verified)

You can actually purchase a bike route map of the Hamptons that is pretty good. It shows different routes from Southampton -Montauk and the mileage of the routes. I know they sell them at Amagansett Beach & Bicycle, but you might be able to find one in the city, like at Barnes & Noble, or call Amagansett Beach & Bicycle and ask them for the name of the company that makes the map.

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Vik (not verified)

Thanks everybody, especially for wind info.

Are there inexpensive accomodations (like motels) in that area?

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Michael (not verified)
Inexpensive accomodations in the Hamptons

Ha ha... that's actually funny

You could get a room at the Dutch Inn in East Hampton (think motel 6 but in worse shape and without the free coffee) for $300 a night/two night minimum... maybe. They are probably booked

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ITNOC (not verified)
Cost to stay in Montauk

I was there in May for the 5bbc century and the avereage cost per night was $85 to $125. I'm certain that now those prices have probably doubled. If you do an internet search for the Montauk Chamber of Commerce you'll find dozens of hotels/motels you can call and get quotes from.

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