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Has anyone ridden the perimeter road around Rockland Lake recently? What are the road conditions? How crowded is it during the summer? I have not been up there in a while.


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Mitchell (not verified)

I used to live in Rockland and remember the park as wonderful in fall, winter and spring. Summer, (July and August) I remember as very crowded with lots of visitors and bus trips to the park, so we stayed away on the weekends.

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JP (not verified)
2 roads!

I was there 2-3 weeks ago on a hot Saturday afternoon. There were people but it was not crowded. I imagine earlier in the day it would be less crowded but now that it's summer and school's out, it is probably more crowded.

The outer road is for cars and us. It's fine as far as surface goes and car population. Sprint, paceline ... go ahead. The inner road is the real pretty one right around the lake - half road-half trail. It's nice to cool down on and maybe stop if you want to chill. More family and slower riders - just fine.

If you do chill by the lake, do a lap before you hit 9W south - an immediate hill :-)

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ScottD (not verified)
main (auto) road perimeter

yes, thanks. I'm looking to ride up there, do some paceline work around the lake, then ride back. Would probably be there sometime between 10am and 12noon on a Sunday.

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