Tour de France

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Lance Armstrong (USA)
Jose Azevedo (POR)
Manuel Beltran (ESP)
Viatcheslav Ekimov (RUS)
George Hincapie (USA)
Floyd Landis (USA)
Benjamin Noval (ESP)
Pavel Padrnos (CZE)
Jose Luis Rubiera (ESP)

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

No Peña, that's a surprise.

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ITNOC (not verified)
Team time trial limit?

I heard that this year the TDF is putting a cap of 2 minutes as the maximum a team can gain in the team time trial, no matter how much time they gain on the competition. Has anyone else heard this?

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

The time trial cap is correct.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)

"""I heard that this year the TDF is putting a cap of 2 minutes as the maximum a team can gain in the team time trial...""

2-1/2 minutes.


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Michael (not verified)
We're planning some viewing parties

Plans are in the making for viewing nights on the Upper West (Blondies... yeah beer and wings… turn all you good climbers into snails), Gramercy and DUMBO

Feel free to suggest dates, though the self appointed, unofficial NYCC Beer and fried foods committee reserves final decisions.

We’re thinking the mountain stage on Tues, July 20th, Alpe de Huez time trial on the 21st and one other night. On the 17th (a gnarly looking mountain stage) there will be a viewing at a movie theatre, proceeds going to Tyler Hamiltons’s MS foundation.

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hannah (not verified)
how about every night?

Three stages isn't enough! I would vote for some early stages, just to get people in the mood, and for everything after about the 18th or so, since it's going to be so exciting.

They don't all have to be official NYCC events--let's just show up and watch TV at the bar.


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Carol Wood (not verified)
Count me in

"Hannah, you can count me in for a few of them. Especially if a Gramercy location is involved.

(But aren't you going to be in France then?)


Well, one more of us is getting OLN (moi-meme, par exemple). And my apartment is small enough to make a 19"" TV feel like a wide screen.


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hannah (not verified)
live viewing

I'll be in France July 10-19 and will get to see parts of stages 9-13. The rest will be TV in bars for me.


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Michael (not verified)
Surely you can watch any night

But a lot of the fun of last year's events was the critical mass of fans... so we are focusing on a few nights. I had more fun that night at Blondies last summer than the other nights watching the race in my living room (digital cable!!) even though I had to figure out how to split the bill.

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
watch party

hanna, why wait till it starts?
i think you ought to organize a party every night starting july 5 to get people really in the mood.
i mean, do we really need a reason to party???

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
I, too, am Tour-afflicted

I will be a total wreck for the entire 3 weeks and will certainly need to consult with a mental health professional for talk therapy and medication.

I have been scouting sports bars where we can (a) watch the Tour, (b) console each other, and (c) unwind from the previous day's stage.

Blondies on the UWS is the best place in the city because if there are enough of us, they'll give us a private room so we won't have to listen to the noise of baseball-viewing marauders.

Another option is The Back Page, on 3rd Ave. and 82nd St., where we'll get drowned out by baseball people on big-game nights. On nights when baseball games are uninteresting and they don't get a big turnout WE WILL PREVAIL!!!

Perhaps we should take it day by day on the message board.

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Michael (not verified)
My living room

Has a pretty good couch, a 36 inch screen and OLN. I'll be there many nights. there are a few open seats... rules are
;, no smelly takeout (bring sushi or a sandwich) and get out before my bedtime

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JP (not verified)
Victor Hugo Pena

Pena not in the TdF - he'll be missed.

Maybe one word explains it: Vuelta.

Also, there is talk (talk talk) of a Columbian cycling team ... hmmmmm.

In any event, it is going to be one hellava Race around France that starts in Belgium.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Bob Roll TdF guide

Neophytes like me may want to refer to the brand new book by Bob Roll, the Tour de France Companion, from Workman Press, 10.95. I just picked up a copy at Barnes & Noble.

Thanks to Hannah for the tip.

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Chris T. (not verified)
Predictions for 04 TDF

Here's my best guesses for this years tour

Malliot Jaune (General Classification -- assuming no withdrawls:)
1st -- Lance Armstrong
2nd -- Tyler Hamilton
3rd -- Jan Ullrich
4th -- Roberto Heras
5th -- Iban Mayo
6th -- Dennis Menchov
Sorry Gilberto Simone, you will not be in the top 13.

Malloit Vert (Green Points Jersey) -- Allesandro Pettachi

Malloit Pois (Mountains Jersey) Don't know, but it won't be Richard Vereinque.

Team Classification -- Libery Seguros

No stage win predictions
Tyler Hamilton will NOT fall off the bicycle.
Ullrich or T-Mobile will make some tactical or physical mistake that will cost him a place in the standings.
Mario Cippolini will finish the tour, it could be his last.
Sorry about misspelling of some names.
I have no money wagered on the outcome of the TDF

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