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"I'm a 27 year old kid (6'4"" 190lbs.) and looking to purchase a new bike. But looking for some advice on what kind of ride I should look for. I ride a lot with a A team (50-100 mile rides), and like to go fast(climb hills and long flat rides). I'm currently looking at buying the TCR Giant for $2200(full carbon frame). Does anybody have any warnings about this bike or any other type of bike that I should look at."

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sarah (not verified)
what year are you

totally unrelated to your bike question - but I graduated from the gsd in 2000 with an MArch. What are you studying? Are you in the city for the summer? If you're not finished with school I hope you find time to ride during the school year!

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Brennan (not verified)

Still going to the GSD took a year off to work here in NYC. Going back this semester to finish MLA2. CHeers

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Brennan (not verified)

I'm studying Landscape Architecture, I'm working for Hargreaves Associates. I'm here until the end of August and then back to bean town. Not much riding gets done during the school year. Do you ride a lot around here?

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Chaim (not verified)
Importance of a Fitting

In my opinion, it is not as important which bike you get as getting a bike that fits your body. Therefore, I advise you to go to a fitter (a professional fitter, not someone in a bike shop) and pay for the service. You can take the information from the fitting and determine which frames are closely suited to you. What good is a $2200 bike (or a $1000 bike or a $5000 bike) if it does not fit you and causes fatigue and injuries?
Exactly which fitter to go to is a bit of a religious issue around here, but probably any competent one would be good. I personally recommend Happy Freedman, others have had good experiences with other fitters.
Getting a fitting is, in my opinion, essential to picking a good bike.
Good luck!

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Tom (not verified)
TCR Giant

I bought a TCR Giant full carbon bike three months ago and I love it. It is without doubt the fastest and most comfortable bike I have ever ridden. (I have ridden Colnago, Vitus, Woodrup, Gios, Specialized, and Litespeed.) It is a great climbing bike and I also feel confident descending the steepest hills. I would offer to let you ride my bike but it is obviously too small for you. I bought my bike at Toga. They let me ride three of four bike before I decided on the Giant. It simply seemed faster than the others and cost less than many of them.
The only thing I didn't like about this bike was the saddle. I tried several different ones and finally settled--pun intended--on the Fizik Aliante.

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Astrid (not verified)
Sheldon Brown

"If you want someone from the Boston area to do a fitting/recommend a bike - you should go to the bike guru Sheldon Brown who's based in West Newton."

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)

"Sheldon is in Europe right now.


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