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I was planning to cycle to Montreal and return by train. I have now found out that there is no train service that will take bikes. Any other ideas out there?

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"Try here -

Amtrak to Albany (thru train to Chicago may have baggage service) ride Montreal round trip back to Albany

Box & ship bike for return trip

Donate/sell bike in Montreal

Write to David Gunn, president of Amtrak and tell him why you're not using the service. He has a reputation for actually responding to mail.

Consider getting your bike to Montreal and then cycling back. This way, you'll know in advance if there's a problem. Besides, going south is ""downhill,"" right? ;)


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Carol Wood (not verified)
Get a folding bike

I tour on a sturdy 24-speed Swift Folder (, made in Brooklyn. (seatpost rack with panniers, but no camping gear). Fits in a standard suitcase or cheap duffel bag for bus or train.

For a few hundred more, you can get a Bike Friday. (all kinds of custom goodies, they even make a trailer)

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Megan Smith (not verified)
bikes on Amtrak

"Montreal has such a strong bicycling community with huge events like the Tour de I'Ile and Un Tour la Nuit (6000+ riders) that one would think there must be some way to take a bike on a Canadian railway. Maybe if you check out www.velo.qc and click on ""Les Clubs Cyclistes"" you can get some local tips from Montreal bike clubs. They probably have the best information. Sounds like a nice tour you are planning!"

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Megan Smith (not verified)
bikes on Amtrak

Another possible lead: the people at Montreal's Maison des Cyclistes (514-521-8356) confirmed to me that, yes, Amtrak is creating a problem for cyclists by eliminating bike baggage on northern lines (definitely worthy of a letter). But some Canadian bus lines will take your bike, and Canada's Via Rail takes bikes on many routes with just a $15 surcharge(the line to/ through Nova Scotia looks particularly interesting): You might be able to work something out that way. Best of luck, hope this helps.

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
Wow what a great idea

Are you planning this ride during the week or on a weekend and would you be interested in any companions (B16/17)?


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Chris T (not verified)
Vermonter or Ethan Allen not an Amtrak option

I thought Amtrak's Vermonter still took bikes on its route, but according to their web site they no longer accomodate bikes.

My guess is that if you have a bike box, it can be placed as normal baggage in the baggage car. Then you can go to and from Montreal as you please.

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Ira m. (not verified)

It says that the train to Rutland has a bike rack.

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